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First Re​-​Draft

by Dreamwalkers Inc

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Audio CD version of album packaged in a lavish digibook package with artwork per song and some special content for physical buyers.

    Includes unlimited streaming of First Re-Draft via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 7 days

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  • Streaming + Download

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Includes the full album in high quality wav & mp3 files to be downloaded to your own device or streamed through the bandcamp app.
    Purchasable with gift card

      €8 EUR  or more


  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    The album in a lavish, matte soft touch, double CD digipack with lyrics and story booklet. This is a hand numbered limited edition pressing that is available while stocks last!

    Includes unlimited streaming of First Re-Draft via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 17 days
    edition of 300 

      €15 EUR or more 


Endless 05:38
Each night I close my eyes. I fall away and wake again. To a world so pure. This marvel can’t be happening… When I close my eyes and I sink away (open up) I finally feel home and free (Your are home) I have left your plastic and fake modern world (I am saved) For my own layered reality. In this world I’m on my own. (a perfect loneliness to find) But I don’t feel alone. (The perfect solace in my mind) ‘cause there I am one with all that lives and breathes connected to my sleeping soul. I have reached this hidden passage And I control all that I see (I have reached this hidden passage now I see) No one will know this little secret They’ll never find the inner me (No-one knows what I am hiding inside me) I made this whole place Anger, fear and all disgrace Fortrified and not decayed Nothing that you’ll ever break My will and what I feel… It brought me this and now I’m endless This world I created is just a mirror reflecting distrust (IT’S JUST A CAGE. DON’T FADE AWAY.) For your world will never be mine. That is why I fled inside. (WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN?! WE WANT TO HELP!) I chose not to be a part of you. For your ways are not my truths. (WHY DON’T YOU SAY!? YOU’RE FALLING AWAY!) After too much rejection and too much shame. Within these walls I’ll stay. (WE’RE SORRY!) I have reached this hidden passage And I control all that I see (I have reached this hidden passage into me) No one will know this little secret They’ll never find the inner me (And I know that their is nothing you can say) I have reached this hidden passage And I control all that I see (I have reached a place which you will never find) No one will know this little secret They’ll never find the inner me (‘cause it’s hidden in the boundaries of my mind) I’ll never sacrifice my world for your lies I have heard it all before, I won’t listen anymore Don’t you see?! The enemy is in my mind! But I will blame you! I’ll never sacrifice my fortress of lies. In this world that I have made I can be the perfect shade. And in the momentary lapse of reason that will come. I can see I’m a slave in this prison I made… (I can’t see….)
It had never quite occurred to me. How much you have played your part. (Within my mind) And that value now concerns me… Cause it leaves a burning scar. And I know that I am stronger I have carried these burdens before. (Alone) But you always were waiting for me. And that change I cannot ignore. Then I couldn’t see (an ending to security) This turned out to be (a hopeless cause) Broken to the core (There’s no foundation anymore) The mourning after is all that remains in the end. It took me some time to feel this. It never really clicked inside my mind. It broke my insides to pieces. When realization came knocking there was nowhere left to hide I wish I could’ve known the impact that this had on me. If I could have prepared myself, it wouldn’t be a tragedy… Yet, when I say these words, the sarcasm cannot be spared. Cause you can lie to someone’s face, but your heart will be aware
Happy Day 04:53
The sky has turned to grey, and all sounds faded away. Each breath exemplifies. Another remainder of my lost time. You left us and struck us down. All things that we did don’t matter now. And only a memory’s left … of everything that we had. You told me to stay strong… But how can I move along? As everything will fall away. Why would I care and try to stay? We try to reach infinity. But limitless is emptiness, gone are my happy days… I hold my breath for long. Hoping this would fade away. Wishing this wasn’t real. Losing grip. There’s still too much unsaid. It is too late I’m drowning, save me Tell me how I stay strong… When everything feels so wrong. I wish I could let go. And see it as it is. But my mind’s clouded by the past and I cannot resist. To dig up memories of a past that give me warmth inside… Now all that’s left are snapshots in a frame I made within my mind. As everything will fall away. But I refuse to let it be! We try to reach infinity. I’ll do my best to live in happy days!
Innerburn 07:10
HELP ME! I cannot oversee where it began. Breaking away my common ground and leaving me so tense. From the rise of this frustration, ‘till my calm got burnt away. Sweatdrops running down my face. My heart beating anxiously. I’VE GONE TOO FAR! And I can’t see the origins. Vague fragments of my becoming don’t prove to fit In the puzzle of my memories that plays games inside my heart. If only I could find some logic to connect these broken shards All will fade and break away. And this conclusion I cannot accept to just contain… And as we face the burning wave. The inner burn will dance in our hearts’ silent decay! STRUCTURES ARE GONE Punctured wounds into my soul. Grasping to the wireframe that I once did control. Hiding from the falling fire that engulfs my failing mind. Each flame a memory of failure leaving all my sense blind! How can I remain strong? If everything I knew is now a hopeless sentiment of that what used to be my hallowed ground. Nothing is left now And all the words that I can say will not change this matter in the end… It won’t bring you back to me!
Dreamwalk 04:48
Shake off the fears of everyday. Lay down your mind and break away. Now only chances will remain. A way to start again. All will fade out, lifting higher. Disconnection, opens wider. Let it go now… Broke down the outer seal. Fell down the rabbit hole. Each tunnel that I take, Leads to a different world… Falling downwards in this spiral Grave sensation of denial. All will fade out, lifting higher. Disconnection, opens wider. Let it go now!
New Strength 06:13
And all did not seem right. With crippling fear as my own guide. Leading me through darkened halls, were bloody texts adorned the walls. Each phrase a memory of all the things I didn’t want to see. And in the carnage I found my soul craving for some kind of control I remained and felt the fire That restricted the forces inside It’s all been a gift they say. “…To make you grow beyond” The threshold of a former life where new strength lies beyond. I tried to grab his hand, it crumbled outward as it bled... His name was written on the floor with the blood he lost before. Then he gazed into my eyes and gave me a shock surprise I only saw an empty gaze. A black hole that came in waves. I felt this need to be… a thousand lies I’d whisper out… But none of these could see… If only I was stronger… I could help you out… But I’m stuck in this in this labyrinth… That I can’t figure out… NO We are not these changes WE We cannot resist WILL Every scar we’re taking NOT Will break out urge to resist STOP We are just the same we were before, but now we are broken so much more WE WILL STAY HERE TO LIVE IN YOU I’ve spent a thousand waking hours… Trying to understand … But never found the answers that made any sense (WE) The strength that I was looking for (WILL) I cannot seem to find… (STAY) But with your presence next to me (HERE) I can at least survive (INSIDE YOU)
Your Room 04:12
It took me quite some time, to see your role in this. But your presence left its markings. And I was overjoyed, to embrace your soul, finding someone that connects to this. I have been so lonely… will you take my hand? In this world I fall away… Noone sees me, for what I am. But within these walls I’ve found a place to stay. You pulled me out of patterns, erased my comfort zone, Showed me brand new paths to walk, to explore on my own. A world of possibilities A richness that you share. And with each of my baby steps, I know that I’ll get there… I’m not sure what I did, to deserve all of this. However as it goes, a time of wonder never lasts (AAAHAAA) and once the rose colored glasses break, it is outlined with regret. (AAAHAAAHAAAAAA) I saw your imperfections, but I did not want to see. (AAAHAAA) For I held on to illusions, that were solely made by me… (AAAHAAAHAAAA) I have tried to stay this way… But inevitably things change Thinking I had found a haven into which I could remain. But the cracks appeared to be a warning of our finity… The perfection that I craved for, wasn’t ever meant to be…
My Loss 06:02
Words… Cannot describe the shape that I’m into at this stage, ‘cause the longing in my soul, has been thoroughly replaced. Sounds… Every notion’s like a stab. Leaving holes inside my brain as my heart tries to hold on to the pieces that remain… In your life I shall embrace you Choking all that you hold dear! I am eaten by my loss I only have myself to blame. (MYSELF TO BLAME) Within incarnate disappointment Where only pain and fear remains! Remains… Are all that I can see. Shards of what I was. Reflecting all my memories underlining a lost cause All you had will break and fall apart You now only have these broken parts Why has my fire turned into these burnt down remains You won’t be saved! Should’ve stayed away from you and everything you represent…


The debut album by Dreamwalkers Inc featuring a combination of progressive, symphonic and alternative sounds combined into a diverse sound that fuses technicality and melody in it's own way.


released February 25, 2019

Tom de Wit – Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Choirs, Songwriting & Arranging
Lennert Kemper – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Norbert Veenbrink – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Joey Klerkx – Rhythm Guitars
Vincent Reuling – Synthesizers
Peter den Bakker – Bass Guitar
Kenneth Martens – Live Drums


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Dreamwalkers Inc Netherlands

Dreamwalkers Inc is a symphonic, progressive metal band from the Netherlands whose music combines elements of the progressive rock from the 70’s with metal flavours from the late 90s & early 00’s. Add to that a symphonic and theatrical approach to the music and lyrics, and you get an idea of the mixture that makes it into a band with a sound of its’ own. ... more

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